Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Check In and Check Out times?
Check In:     2 pm or later
Check Out:  10 am unless otherwise agreed

Depending on subsequent bookings we may be able to allow a late check out. Please discuss with us if you need this.

2. Smoking?
There is strictly no smoking inside the apartment.
There is however an outdoor area available for those who need to smoke.

3. Why do we charge for Electricity?
Some guests use air conditioners and lights all day and night.
Others are out a lot and use very little power.

To keep the accommodation rate down and to be fair to all,  we have found that guests prefer to be charged only for the power they use.  The meter will be read on arrival and departure and the electricity charge is for the number of units used (at cost only).

4. Are the Apartments Serviced?
The apartments are Self Serviced.
There are facilities provided to do your own cooking and cleaning and washing.

On departure we trust our guests to leave the apartment in a clean and tidy condition.
For example:
    Food stuff to be removed from the refrigerator
    Dishes washed
    Bins emptied 
    Oven and Microwave left clean
    Shower wiped clean 

There is no need to strip the beds or wash bedding and towels, we will do that after you leave.

If the apartment is not left clean there will be an exit cleaning charge of $100 deducted from the deposit.

5. How does the Deposit work? What if I need to cancel?
The  deposit will reserve the apartment for you. It will be refunded on departure (less the cost of electricity if applicable).

If you need to cancel, then if a reservation is for less than two weeks we need 14 days notice for full refund of the deposit.  If a longer reservation is cancelled we need four weeks notice for full refund.

6. When is Payment expected?
On arrival we expect full payment in advance.
We do accept credit cards(Visa and Master Card)

When the invoice will be paid by someone other that the guest then we will need a prior arrangement so please contact us to discuss on +61 412 066 602

7. How long does it take to reach Kenata-Wembley Downs by taxi from Perth airport and how much should I expect to pay?
Taxis from Perth airport (International or Domestic terminals ) to Kenata-Wembley Downs  take approx 30-35 mins and cost approx A$40-A$50(rates as at July 2016)

8. Do we need to bring any linen?
All linen is provided - sheets, towels, tea towels, even a couple of beach towels

9. Wi-Fi What does "light web use" mean.
The Wi-Fi provided is intended for guests to be able to use email and access the web.  It is not intended to be used for heavy gaming nor for major downloads.  We trust guests not to download movies or any other copyright material using this service.

10.  What is the Australian dollar exchange rate?
     currency conversion calculator

11. Are there any other Kenata apartments?
      Yes there are other Kenata apartments near the University of Western Australia(UWA)
      see www.kenata.com